Dear students who got the acceptance of changing majors, please note that you should check out with the Admission and Registration Department to follow up the procedures of changing your major for the first semester 2017/2018.
Congratulations! It is our pleasure to announce the fourth lists of accepted students at GJU in different majors for the first semester 2017/2018. All accepted students are expected to come to the GJU to finish the acceptance procedure and get their ID student starting from Next Tuesday , 12 September , 2017
On Wednesday 30th of August 2017, German Jordanian University (GJU) celebrated the closing ceremony of the Second Summer Club for the local community in Naour area, which was organized by The Presidency Office for local Community Affairs, with the cooperation of Kolona AlOrdon Association, and the participation of volunteers from GJU’s students and teachers... Read More
GJU's Family exchange...September 06, 2017
Under the patronage of the GJU's President Prof. Manar Fayyad, the university organized a reception on the occasion of Al -Adha to exchange greetings with the GJU staff. Prof. Fayyad expressed her delight of this gathering to exchange greetings on Eid, wishing for the kingdom to stay safe under the leadership of His Majesty.
The Royal Decree was issued approving the appointment of Dr. Manar Khaled Fayyad as President of the German-Jordanian University for a period of four years as of August 23rd, 2017. This took place in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 / A / 6 of the Law of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 23 of year 2009 and its amendments and Article... Read More
GJU announces the third lists of accepted students for the First Semester 2017/ 2018
German Jordanian University- Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is pleased to announce the period of Calls for Applications for Master Degree Programs for the first semester 2017/2018 has been extended , for more details please read the full announcement
On Tuesday 29th of August 2017, Consultation and Training Center (CTC) and the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities (SBSH) at German Jordanian University celebrated the graduation of level A1 and B1 in English courses for employees.
Alumni Workshop at GJUAugust 29, 2017
In the frame of the DAAD DIES cooperation project “Establishing Career Service Structures and Processes at GJU” between Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (H-AB) & German Jordanian University (GJU) a socializing evening was organized at Darat Othman Bdeir Campus on Monday August 28, 2017.
Dear New Students, It is our pleasure at the German Jordanian University to announce the new students who were accepted at GJU in the Architecture and Built Environment and Design and Visual Communication for the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018.