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This MBA program is designed for professionals seeking to move forward into strategic and leadership positions. Candidates will be exposed to a breadth of management contemporary challenges and issues through a thorough combination of theory and practical models by using lecturers, case studies... Read more

Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE) is a multidisciplinary approach combining systems engineering and strategic management to address methods and approaches for aligning system architectures with enterprise business rules and the underlying IT architecture. Development and... Read more

About the Computer Engineering Masters Program

Computer Engineering (CE) combines the knowledge, skills, and discoveries in electrical engineering and computer science to build real-life computer systems. It... Read more

In a world rapidly facing the prospects of climate change and depletion of cheap fossil fuel resources, it becomes eminently clear that qualified professionals will be needed to rise to the challenges that will flow from these threats. Moreover, it is clear that these threats transcend the... Read more

The MA programme offers a theoretical foundation in linguistics, methods and methodology, scientific and research work, technical language communication, literature, cultural studies, and combines it with a strong practical approach.

The practical emphasis is possible and guaranteed... Read more

MBA in Marketing program prepares the candidates for building solid careers in the field of marketing based on world-class theoretical foundation as well as applied and international real life practices. This program provides the marketing candidates with high quality of real-life marketing... Read more

This MBA program prepares the candidates to excel in running excellent performing operations using applications in services as well as manufacturing settings. This program presents latest techniques used in achieving excellence in operations utilizing both theoretical and practical models. The... Read more

The world is facing an ever-increasing spectrum of challenges emanating from displaced persons who are fleeing from their countries and are striving for shelter in their neighborhood or heading for more remote destinations of hope.

The Kingdom of Jordan with its location in the heart of... Read more

MSEM is a degree that bridges the gap between the fields of engineering, technology, business management, and innovation. It is a multidisciplinary field that involves the application of advanced business methods, engineering techniques, and innovative tools to design, manage, and improve... Read more

As protracted conflicts, natural disasters, water scarcity, climate change and disease outbreaks continue to affect the Middle East, the region is highly likely to continue facing humanitarian needs for years to... Read more


The Master Program German as a Foreign Language “Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF)" offered by the School of Languages was established in October 2006. Since then 108 students from 8 countries have successfully graduated. The program is supported by the DAAD... Read more