Amman- 6 August 2018

On Tuesday 17th of July 2018, the Counselling and emPowerment Services (CAPS) - Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA), at the German Jordanian University (GJU), hosted Counselor in Psychiatry and Addiction Dr. Nabil Al Hammoud, to conduct a lecture on “Psychological health”.

In the beginning, Dr. Al Hmmoud cleared the definitions and concepts about Psychological health; he also demonstrated the types of stress and its impact on individual’s health and energy. 
He also introduced the students to the tools that can assist them in dealing with the stress including seeking for professional guidance.
The lecture comes within CAPS services in educating the students to handle problems and reduce stress through scientific technics and life skills coaching.
CAPS aims at enhancing student self-awareness regarding their psychological well-being and promoting mental health under the theme of empowerment.