Amman- 7 September 2017

On Wednesday 30th of August 2017, German Jordanian University (GJU) celebrated the closing ceremony of the Second Summer Club for the local community in Naour area, which was organized by The Presidency Office for local Community Affairs, with the cooperation of Kolona AlOrdon Association, and the participation of volunteers from GJU’s students and teachers from local community.

In her speech the President of GJU, Dr. Manar Fayyad said that GJU believes in the importance of engagement with the local community and study their needs to assist in filling them within accessible channels.

Dr. Fayyad added that she is convinced that universities have a substantial role in leading societies and affecting them toward positive changes and attitudes.

Advisor to the President for Local Community, Abdul Hakeem Arabiyyat said that the Local Community Office is applying the university’s educational and awareness mission toward the local community, by conducting training courses, workshops, seminars and contributing in national celebrations.

He added that GJU aspire to continue in providing and executing programs that contribute in developing and enlightening the society especially the youth.

The President of Kolona AlOrdon, Hala AlSawaeer thanked all parties for their tremendous efforts to make the club a success for the second year, hoping to continue the collaboration with GJU in the future.

During the ceremony a short film was presented on the club achievements, the children also performed a song in Arabic, English and Germany.

At the end, Dr.Fayyad honored participants, sponsors and volunteers, furthermore she handed school bags to summer club’s students.