Amman- November 20, 2016


A collaborative student workshop entitled “Reclaiming public space in metropolitan areas: the case study of Sahab” was launched on 20.11.2016 at SABE as part of the ongoing three year research project collaboration between GJU and TU Dortmund, coordinated  by Dr. Maram Tawil on the side of the GJU and headed by Prof. Christa Reicher on the side of TU Dortmund. The workshop was launched with the support of the President of GJU – Dr. Natheer Abu Obeid and the Dean of SABE – Dr. Ziyad Haddad. 

SABE was honored by the participation of H.E. the Mayor of Sahab – Mr. Abbas Maharmeh and the head of Local Development Unit at the Municipality – Arch. Haneen Hassouneh;  Dr. Jaime Sperberg – Cultural Attaché  at the German Embassy in Amman;  and representatives of Consolidated Consultants Group – Arch. Nashwa Suboh and Arch. Fahed Abu Jaber.

The workshop spans over the course of the week and includes site visits and focus group sessions with the community of the city to produce spatial concept proposals for the use of public space in order to promote social cohesion and urban revitalization, especially given the challenges of a substantial Syrian refugee population and the challenges of the industrial character of the city. The student groups are instructed by Mr. Fabio Bayro Kaiser/ TU Dortmund, and Dr. Janset  Shawash/ GJU.