Amman- 23 December 2019

Within the DAAD funded cooperation project Discovering Cities, the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) at the German Jordanian university (GJU) has conducted and hosted the third intercultural dialogue student based workshop between the 11th and 14th December 2019.

The president of the university Prof. Manar Fayyad attended the opening session of the workshop that was titled: Navigating Critical Urban Spaces in Amman and welcomed together with the Dean of SABE, Prof. Ziyad Haddad the partners from the four countries.

The workshop was attended by 50 students and professors from the four partner universities; Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany, Notre Dame University Louaize, Lebanon, Cairo University, Egypt, in addition to GJU. It was organized by the Partners of the project; Bauhaus University Weimar represented by Prof. Dr. Frank Eckardt and GJU represented by Dr. Maram Tawil.

Throughout the days of the workshop, the students formulated concepts and development strategies on three proposed action areas in Amman.

The development approaches were based on the analysis sessions, site perception and participatory approaches undertaken and supervised jointly by the professors from all partner universities. The workshop was concluded by the students’ presentations of the produced planning proposals and strategies for the development of the proposed action areas.

The workshop constituted of different activities throughout the four days. It included lectures in interdisciplinary topics presented by the different professors in addition to the engagement of the flying Faculty Prof. Hermann Schnell. This was followed by intercultural dialogue activities where the students got engaged with each other to learn from each other and get acquainted by the different cultural perspectives and interdisciplinary perceptions of the case studies. It also included two days of field surveys with different tools of participatory approaches and ended with a whole day studio work analyzing and concluding strategic vision for the case studies.