Amman- 24 July 2019

“I teach the students in the German language to encourage them to speak and present in German so they can make use of their technical German language learned during their studies at GJU,” said Prof. Dr.-Eng. Sliman Shaikheleid, a Flying Faculty professor from Hochschule Furtwangen (University of Applied Sciences).

Shaikheleid teaches the students of the School of Applied Medical Sciences (SAMS) at the German Jordanian University (GJU), usually in the summer semester, where he offers lectures in Biomaterials, Innovative materials, implants, and Biomechanics. Part of his lectures is project work and student’s presentations.

He often receives students from SAMS during their German Year, therefore, he provides them with bilingual presentations in German and English so they will be well prepared for their future lectures at a German university.

The students are welcoming this opportunity and appreciate to be challenged for their improvement. The course results and the positive evaluation given by the students show the professor that their learning experience is the best proof of the quality of his lecture.

At Hochschule Furtwangen Prof. Shaikheleid teaches at the Faculty of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering besides his role as a Dean of studies mechanical and Mechatronics. Prof. Shaikheleid studied in Berlin and did his Ph.D. at Polymers as Implants before he became a professor at Hochschule Furtwangen.

During his visit, Shaikheleid met with Dr. Adnan Lahham the Dean of SAMS, Prof. Dr. Samer Gharabli, Dr. Eyad Hamad and Dr. Walid Al-Zyoud from the School and had discussions on joint graduation projects, scientific research, and the students’ preparations for the German Year.