The Information Systems and Technology Center (ISTC) in coordination with the E-Learning Committee at the German Jordanian University (GJU) launched an e-learning page on the GJU website to help the staff to prepare online content.

The Director of ISTC, Dr. Feras Al-Hawari said that the the objective of this page is to provide links to various video (and other) tutorials to help the GJU staff prepare and deliver online content. The tutorials focus on the platforms, tools, and scenarios that are officially supported by the ISTC technical support staff & the E-Learning Committee members.

He mentioned that the academic staff were informed about the supported platforms and tools for video conferencing and recording, video archiving, document authoring, learning management, file storage, etc.

Al-Hawari thanked Dr. Mohammad AlDaoud (Head of the E-Learning Committee) and Dr. Rami Alazrai for preparing useful online tutorials to share. He also thanked Eng. Anass Ksasbeh, Mr. Hadi Etawi, and Mr. Zakaria Saqallah from ISTC for preparing useful technical tutorials, as well as Eng. Mai Al-Zu’bi from ISTC for preparing the page template and Ms. Shatha Al-Fraij from PR for preparing the icon on the website front page.

The page is accessible from this link: