Amman- 20 July 2019


The School of Medical Applied Sciences (SAMS), the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the German Jordanian University (GJU), participated in the scientific day entitled "Techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" in the Jordanian Engineers Association.

Dr. Walid Al-Zyoud – SAMS, was honored for his lecture on biotechnology among various other topics on artificial intelligence and self-driving cars, in the presence of the scientific committee of the Engineering Division of the Jordanian Engineers Association, the president of the Jordanian Engineers' Association Eng. Ahmed Samara Al Zu'bi, the Head of the Electrical Engineering Department, Dr. Malik Amayreh, the Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Awad Al Zaben, and Engineers.

"Jordan is today facing a new world that is taking clear steps towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its technologies, such as smart cities, three-dimensional printing, the speed of access to information, and the direction of green buildings that prioritize the quality of origin and its suitability for the climate" said Engineer Ahmed Samara Al Zu’bi.

Each item of the techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a special conference. Al Zu’bi pointed out many of the problems facing the world today, represented by the slowdown in growth in the economic sector resulting from the structural crisis within the economic body itself, and the dramatic rise in the rates of unemployment, climate change, and industrial progress. In addition to the transition of the traditional industry to the digital and what caused it to hit the working class and get it out of the market.

He also mentioned the world need to restructure the economy because the traditional industry in the change will impose a change in the social structure of the value system.

Pointing out that Jordan has the expertise and potentials that think realistically through the minds able to enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution and enter into their techniques through the creation of a real strategy to contribute to enter the fourth industrial revolution through directing university programs through academics to use its tools.

For his part, Dr. Walid Al-Zyoud explained the importance of biotechnology as one of the most vital techniques of the fourth industrial revolution in today's world where the developed countries are now investing massive budgets in gene therapy as a treatment of genetic diseases in humans using biotechnology in the transfer and modification of disabled genes using genetic content of the patient's cell instead of being transferred by a donor member, in addition to what is known as pharmacogenomics, which is the production of drugs for the genetic content of the individual and many other applications.

During the day, the scientific video reviewed the latest of the latest technology in the fields of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.