Amman- 10 September 2020

The German Jordanian University (GJU) students in the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) -the Department of Design and Visual Communication won ALL the prizes in the Arab Student StarPack Competition 2020, at the level of Jordanian Universities organized by LibanPack and UNIDO.

GJU students won the top three prizes for the categories Structural Packaging and Visual Packaging under the supervision of Arch. Rawan Majzoub. 


For the Structural Packaging category, Tara Yazid Weshah won the first prize for the project Halva Packaging design, Hayat Abudahab won the second prize for the project NOQTA T-shirt Packaging, and for the third prize, Tala Sharaf won for her project Hammoudi Cheese.

For the Visual Packaging Category, Abdullah Hafez won the first prize for the project, Challenger Energy Drink Can Design, besides the PAN ARAB AWARD.

Dana Al-Sheyyab won the second prize for the project Orshalleh, and Yara Alqawasmi won the third prize for her project, Dead Sea time Cosmetics.


The competition aimed to improve the students’ creativity, and Innovation, in the field of packaging. It included four categories: the Visual Packaging category, the Structural Packaging category, the Save the Food packaging category, and the Smart waste packaging category.

Including Lebanon, ten Arabic countries participated in the competition, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, Sultanate of Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, where 460 applications were submitted.

Congratulations our dear GJU’rs! We are so proud of you.