Amman- 15 November 2017

On Wednesday the 8th of November 2017, a field trip took place to Hikma warehouse in Al-Qastal Industrial area for the GJU Logistics Sciences students together with their professor Dr. Ismail Abushaika as well as Britta Kaehler and Randolph Galla as representatives of GJU’s Office for Industrial Links (OIL).

The Hikma representatives warmly welcomed the entire group to the warehouse and gave an interesting, quick overview of the company's history, mission, vision and achievements, which they are greatly proud of. The representatives sincerely answered all the questions asked by the students and the team, and expressed their readiness to also answer future questions. 

The warehouse was divided into three parts, 1 "Finished goods", 2 "Packaging materials", and 3 "Penicillin" (which is not stored with the other finished goods due to chemical reasons). The students were able to experience a real model, live action of how a warehouse operates, how special forklifts are needed for the narrow aisles (1.7 m width), and how the bin location codes on every column and row help in identifying the inventory. Furthermore, they learned about how inbound and outbound activities take place. Finally, the GJU students were introduced to both the security and safety systems used at Hikma warehouses.

The Hikma representatives and the GJU team expressed their mutual goals by working hand in hand in the future for intensifying cooperation between academia and industry, and by providing internships and jobs opportunities for the students and graduates of the GJU. 

Hikma Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1978 by Samin Darwazah in Amman, Jordan. It produces branded and non-branded generic and in-licensed pharmaceutical products. Its mission is to improve people's lives through their products and their extensive and differentiated pipeline. It provides high quality affordable medicines to the people.  

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