Amman- 30 August 2021

The President of the German Jordanian University (GJU), Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, met with GJU’s faculty members on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25, August 2021, in addition to the faculty members and administrators in Jabal Amman on Thursday 26 of August.

Al-Halhouli said that he believes in GJU and is looking forward to brilliant successes in the future in Jordan and Germany as a bridge between the two cultures and maintain its level of excellence and graduates who are active in society and required by the local, regional, and international market, where the employment rate of university graduates within a year of their graduation touched 95%.

He stressed the university's strategy and the priorities in the next stage, on top of them, solidification of the German partnership at all levels. Adaptation of innovation and entrepreneurship, by focusing on graduation projects and their impact on the industry locally and internationally. Also, Draw a road map for the online and blending teaching, training, and short courses following the royal directives for a safe return in the academic year21/22, specifying that GJU students are the ambassadors of the university and reflect the outputs and the success of GJU.

The President concluded that GJU is a distinguished institution with endless potentials and unique partnerships, where the role of its members is to work by the principles of governance and to encourage transparency, and positive thinking, stressing that the environment is suitable for constructive criticism and ideas for the development of the university and the quality of its outputs.

At the end of the meeting, a discussion took place between Al-Halhouli and faculty members, in the presence of Vice-Presidents, Prof. Ziad Haddad and Prof. Ralf Rosskopf, about the requirements of the next stage and the possibilities of implementation and improvement.