Amman- 17 November 2021

Three students from the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the German Jordanian University (GJU) managed to occupy six places in the shortlist for their graduation projects for the iSUSTAIN AWARD 2021 organized by the A/E Business Council in its ninth session.

Nominated students are Arch. Salahuddin Rawashdeh for his project “Amman Agricultural Patch” Arch. Raya Nazy for her project, The Guardians of the Memory, both projects supervised by Eng. Tha'er Qub'a, as well as Arch.Tamer Snobarobar, for his project, The Nativity- Rehabilitation of Bethlehem City Center, under the supervision of Arch. Mohammed Khaled.

Arch. Salah El-Din's won second place where the jury praised the importance of the project and the quality of the architectural solution.

About his project, Rawashdeh said, "There is no good in a nation that does not eat what they plant." He stated that the architectural solution relied on the combination of traditional farming methods and modern vertical farming methods.

Qubaa indicated that the arrival of three projects to the shortlist among the six projects that reached the finals out of 99 graduation projects at the level of the Arab world is an important achievement and shows SABE's stability and permanent distinction.

He added that the importance of the project stems from the fact that it touched on an important topic, which is food security in Jordan, where Rawashdeh presented creative solutions that would contribute to solving this problem.