Amman- November 5, 2016


A group of students, professors and staff from the Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) visited the German Jordanian University (GJU) from Nov 5th to Nov 12th 2016 in order to enhance research cooperation and student and staff exchange between the two universities.

The group was welcomed by the two GJU Vice Presidents, Prof. Dorit Schumann and Prof. Manar Fayyad. The guests were briefed about the university, its schools’ majors, and its unique educational environment. This meeting marked the beginning of a week-long visit at GJU in the context of the DAAD funded project “GJU-Bremen-2016” that was prepared at Bremen in collaboration with Dr. Christina B. Class and Dr. Ala’ Khalifeh from the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

The HSB staff members Dr. Gerlinde Schreiber, Dr. Thomas Risse, Dr. Martin Hering-Bertram, Sabine Ganter and Tatiana Bondarenko  were accompanied by 10 students of different majors from Bremen to meet with staff and students and discuss different topics to enhance the cooperation between the two universities related to student and staff exchange, research, and development. A primary goal of the project is to increase career chances, in particular for female students.

Thomas Risse and Martin Hering-Bertram gave lectures on wavelets for data compression and unums, an alternative to floating point numbers. Throughout the week the professors and staff members had different meetings with representatives from the school, the International Office, the Office for Industrial Links, the Language Center as well as the Computer Center. In three thematic sessions with GJU professors different research topics were presented and common areas of interest, in particular in the scope of e-learning were identified. The team is confident that the project will lead to common papers and projects.

The students from the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences created teams with outgoing students from the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. During the week they attended some lectures of the school to get to know GJU better. The teams prepared a student session on Thursday, Nov 10th 2016, to present similarities and differences between the both countries and higher education systems regarding teaching methods and grading, student life, student activities at universities, gender equality and career chances. This session was attended by faculty members from both universities as well as by members from the International Office and the Office for Industrial Links.

A common excursion to Petra concluded a very successful week. The school is looking forwards to welcoming exchange students from Bremen and intensifying the cooperation between the two universities.