Amman- September 10, 2014

The German Jordanian University President Prof. Natheer Abu. Obeid and, and the Chairman of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, discussedways to enhance cooperation between the two sides in the scientific, technological and professional fields.


Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh praised the partnership with the university through Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business (TAG-SB) and stressed on the importance of implementing joint programs and training courses in international accounting, and e-learning programs in collaboration with a number of international universities.


For his part, the President emphasized that TAG-SB is the outcome of successful strategic partnership between the public and private sectors in the field of higher education in Jordan and the Arab world in bridging between the requirements of the national industry and higher education outcomes.


He hoped that government institutions will continue the university’s role in strengthening the cooperation and partnership with the private sector as a partners in social responsibility towards the society and the country.


He further added that it is necessary to build up the capabilities of the two parties to develop postgraduate programs specialized in e-marketing and social media.


The two sides discussed the prospects of future cooperation in the field of academic and professional programs to contribute to the development of the education system in Jordan and rehabilitate the human resources to meet the needs of the labor market.


At the end of the visit Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh had a tour into the labs of the School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management, School of Applied Technical Sciences and the School of Applied Medical Sciences.