Amman- 9 November 2015


The Office for Industrial Links at GJU organized a workshop on process management in collaboration with Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences. The workshop started on Monday 9th of November and will last for 4 days, tackling multitude of technical approaches to realize process management.

The event took place in the frame of the DAAD DIES cooperation “Establishing Career Service Structures and Processes at GJU “between Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences and German Jordanian University. The workshop was  held in the presence of Prof. Natheer Abu Obeid , GJU President and Prof. Manar Fayyad , Vice President.    

Britta Kaehler, Director of Office for Industrial Links welcomed the participants in the workshop and extended her thanks to the mentors from Aschaffenburg University and all members who helped in organizing this event. Further, on behalf of the President , Prof. Anton Mangstl, Vice President for International Affairs emphasized the necessity of such a workshops that open a dialog to develop detailed understanding of the process that needs to be measured as well as developing an action plan to move forward.

Ms. Brigit Kraus, Quality management, Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, gave a presentation, addressing several topics about understanding the importance of processes, quality for Higher Education, process modeling and documentation. She also spoke about the aims and characters of Higher Education and Institutions.

Michael Schneppensiefer, Lecturer at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, thread discussion where he asked all participants to introduce themselves, their positions and roles and to set their own expectations after this workshop.

The participants have been divided into 4 groups, in which they will have a flow of important information about certain subjects.