Ministry of Higher Education
Dear Esteemed Presidents of Jordanian Universities,
Urgent and highly important 
Subject: Important Decisions
Due to local and international developments for the outbreak of the Corona virus, and as a continuation of the precautionary and preventive measures previously taken by the Government; and with reference to the Cabinet Resolution issued today, Tuesday 17/3/2020, stating the suspension of all institutions and official departments, except for sectors determined by the Prime Minister based on the recommendation of the related Minister; kindly note the following important decisions:
1- Suspending all decisions and recommendations agreed upon by the presidents of public Jordanian universities in their emergency meeting that was presided by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research yesterday, Monday 16/3/2020 at the premises of the Ministry, and which was announced this morning to presidents of private universities, except for the decision regarding remote and E-learning.
2- Suspending  the work of all academic and administrative staff of all public and private Jordanian universities, and activating the e-learning system whereas all work is done according to what has been planned and in line with the time schedule with the exception of the University President, the Head of the President’s Office, Services Manager, Head of Maintenance and one employee from the Maintenance Dept, Head of Transportation and a driver, University Security employees, Supervisors of Dorms of International students (when occupied), Technical Employee from the Computer Center, a Technical employee from the e-learning Center, Doctor and Nurse in the University Health Center, and any other employee whose work nature requires the continuation of their presence at the university.  It must be noted that those employees are from the same Governorate where the university is located if possible.
3- As for the e-learning system and remote teaching, kindly note that you will be notified of all the related decisions made by the Ministry’s team responsible for this file after the scheduled meeting with the Prime Minister.
4- Making sure that the university security employees protect and guard the university premises and properties and communicating with the authorities in case of emergency, May God forbid.
5- Making sure that all the premises and buildings of the universities are sanitized totally.
6- Making sure that university presidents maintain contact with the Minister of Higher Education  and Scientific Research at all times and regarding any emergency around the clock.
Best regards,
Prof. Muhideen Touq
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
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