Amman- 9 October 2019

On Sunday, October 6, 2019, the School of Management and Logistic Sciences (SMLS) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) held a welcoming meeting for the first-year students, in the presence of the President of GJU Prof. Manar Fayyad, the Dean of the School Dr. Malek Al-Sharairi and Academic Staff in the School.

Prof. Manar welcomed the students and congratulated them for joining GJU. Fayyad stressed the high reputation of GJU in education, clarifying the applied sciences approach that the university adopts similar to German Universities.

"Our professors are qualified, and I am very confident that they will lead you to levels you will be proud of," said Fayyad. Moreover, she encouraged the students on persistence, interaction, participation in GJU's activities, besides paying attention to entrepreneurship, and innovation.

For his part, Dr. Malek introduced the staff to the students. He said that the meeting is a chance for the new students to meet with old students to collaborate, discuss related subjects, besides building new friendships.

He assured the students that the SMLS staff is ready to support them with all their requirements, he also promised the students to work with their full capacity to provide the maximum services and quality to improve their learning experience.

Furthermore, Dr. Malek introduced the students to the main activities and distinguished attributes that the School provides to improve the students' skills and increase their chances of receiving better opportunities in the market, such as the Flying Faculty Program, the Dual Studies Program, and the summer school for entrepreneurship. In addition, he affirmed that SMLS always seeks recognitions and endorsements from the international professional bodies to enhance the international employability and competitiveness of its alumni.  

At the end of the meeting, the students engaged with the School's staff with a Q&A session.