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GJU’s Consultations and Training center signs two new agreements

GJU’s consultations and training center aims at providing consultation and training service for the local and regional market, and it also create partnerships with local and regional companies in the purpose of supporting the business sector with consultation and training services. 
The center recently signed two new agreements, the first with Akhtaboot for the purpose of training current students and graduates and equipping them with the required skills to compete in the job market. 
The second with Arbilla consultation and training center; where both parties will collaborate in arranging training session for different fields, and granting professional diplomas in the fields of economics and management sciences. 
For more information please contact: 
Dr. Ihab Magableh 
Director of the Consultations and Training Center 
E-mail: Ihab.Magableh@gju.edu.jo 
Tel: +962-6-530-0666 
Ext.: 877