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Current Students

Student enrolment was about 750 students for this academic year 2012/2013.

Currently GJU has around 3000 students, in the graduate and undergraduate programs.   41% of the students in the Bachelor programs are females, and 59% are males, while in the Master programs, 55% of the students are females and 45% are males.

Most of our fourth year level students are now in Germany. Out of the 3000 students at GJU, there are 400 students in Germany. Some of them are studying at German Universities while the others are training in German organizations or industries.

About 14% of all GJU students are non-Jordanians. Most students, nearly 88%, are enrolled in undergraduate programs distributed among 7 schools and 17 majors. Graduate programs at the M.A/M.Sc. level are offered in 6 areas of specialization.