The Deanship of Graduate Studies has become an independent Deanship and separated from the Deanship of Scientific Research at the German Jordanian University as of the beginning of the first semester of 2019/2020.

GJU is an applied university built over the German applied universities model. It is following the applied approach on the graduate programs as well as the BSc programs.

Thus, has become one of Jordan’s leading universities in Jordan through designing its programs as a response to the market demand and the needs of industry, management, and government.

GJU has thus far 13 MSc programs covering many relevant fields towards contributing to the country and the region’s economic and sustainable development. A detailed description of these programs can be found in the Deanship of Graduate studies part of the GJU website.

Our goal at the deanship of graduate studies is to guarantee that our Graduate students receive a well-rounded education, while ensuring that all administrative codes of academic discipline are fulfilled to the maximum possible extent with transparency and equal opportunity acting at the core of the process.