Year Faculty Publications
2021 Mohammad Hamed (10643), Munjed M. AL-Sharif (1545), Mustafa Shawaqfeh (9286), Mustafa Amin,"Modeling the households’ satisfaction level with the first electric vehicle and the time until the purchase of the second electric vehicle",International Journal of Sustainable Transportation,2021 [View]
2021 Prof. Muna Hindiyeh, Matouq M., Eslamian S.,"Rainwater Harvesting Policy Issues in the MENA Region: Lessons Learned, Challenges, and Sustainable Recommendations.",WILEY Publisher., Chapter 30,2021 [View]
2021 Aiman Albatayneh , Tarek Tayara, Mustafa Jaradat, Murad Al-Omary, Muna Hindiyeh, Dariusz Alterman, Manal Ishbeytah," Optimum Building Design Variables in a Warm Saharan Mediterranean Climate Zone",International Journal for Photoenergy,2021
2021 Prof. Muna Hindiyeh , Aiman Albatayneh, Rashed Altarawneh, Mustafa Jaradat, Murad Al-Omary, Qasem Abdelal, Tarek Tayara, Osama Khalil, Adel Juaidi, Ramez Abdallah, Partick Dutournié, Mejdi Jeguirim,"Sea Level Rise Mitigation by Global Sea Water Desalination Using Renewable-Energy-Powered Plants.",Sustainability 13(17),2021 [View]
2021 Muna Hindiyeh,"The Certification of Wastewater Treatment Systems with Capacities up to 5.000 PE in Jordan",Ministry of Water and Irrigation .,Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ Ministry of Water and Irrigation. ISBN: 978-3-944280-24-0,2021
2021 Husein Malkawi, D. A, Suleiman, M. T., Elzeiny, R. ,"nvestigation of Soil-structure Interface Properties under Temperature Cycles and Different Operation Times of a Ground Source Heat Pump",2021
2021 Elzeiny, R., Husein Malkawi, D. A, Suleiman, M. T.,"Investigation of Thermal Loading Effects on Behavior of Energy Piles Subjected to Lateral Loading", IFCEE 2021,2021
2021 Arwa Abdelhay, Abeer Abu Othman & Abeer Albsoul ,"Treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater using high-frequency ultrasound: optimization of operating conditions by RSM",Environmental Technology, 42(26) 4170-4178 ,2021 [View]
2021 El-Hasan, T., Harfouche, M., Aldrabee, A., Abdelhadi, N., Abu-Jaber, N., and Aquilanti, G.,"Synchrotron XANES and EXAFS evidences for Cr+6 and V+5 reduction within the oil shale ashes through mixing with natural additives and hydration process",Heliyon,Volume 7, Issue 4, e06769,2021 [View]
2021 Arwa Abdelhay, Lilian Al-Hasanat, Abeer Albsoul ,"Anaerobic co-digestion of cattle manure and raw algae: kinetic study and optimization of methane potential by RSM",Polish journal of environmental studies 30(2):1029–1037,2021
2021 Abdelal, Q, Al-Rawabdeh, A, Al Qudah, K., Hamarneh, C, Abu-Jaber, N,"Hydrological assessment and management implications for the ancient Nabataean flood control system in Petra, Jordan", J. Hydrol,601: 126583,2021 [View]
2021 Arwa Abdelhay, Inshad Jum’h, Abeer Albsoul, Dina Abu Arideh, Bahaa Qatanani ,"Performance of electrochemical oxidation over BDD anode for the treatment of different industrial dye-containing wastewater effluents",Journal of water reuse and desalination. 11 (1): 110–121,2021 [View]
2021 Mohammad M Hamed, Adnan Al-Masri, Zakariya M Dalala, Raed J AlSaleh, ,"Modeling the Time Duration Until the Adoption of Residential Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems",Journal of Energy Resources Technology,vol (144)4, pp. 041302,2021
2020 AlManaseer, N., Hindiyeh M., AL-Assaf R.,"Hydrological and Environmental Impact of Wastewater Treatment and Reuse on Zarqa River Basin in Jordan",Environments (MDPI), vol. 7 page 1-14, DOI:10.3390/enviornments7020014.,2020
2020 Bizic M., Klintzsch, T., Hindiyeh M, Gunthel M., Muro-Pastor A. M., Eckert W., Urich T., Keppler F., xGrossart H. P. ,"Aquatic and terrestrial cyanobacteria produce methane",Science Advances Journal, ,Vol 6:eaax5343.,2020