The SEEIT was founded in 2005 and it currently offers Bachelor of Science degrees in electrical engineering (EE), computer engineering (CE), and computer science (CS). The undergraduate program in EE includes a general track and a 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) track. The undergraduate program in CE includes a general track, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) track, as well as computer vision and robotics track. The undergraduate program in CS includes a general track, cyber security track, as well as data science track. The CS department in the SEEIT in collaboration with the design and visual communication department in the SABE also offer a joint B.Sc. degree in design and media informatics (gaming and virtual/augmented reality) that is not offered elsewhere in Jordan. Besides, the department of computer engineering at the SEEIT offers a Master of Science degree in computer engineering with two attractive specialization tracks in artificial intelligence and cyber physical systems. Furthermore, the department of computer science offers a multidisciplinary Master of Science degree in enterprise systems engineering that is an outcome of a unique joint program in Jordan between the GJU and Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT).

Applied education is a highly valued goal at our school. As a result, our students gain theoretical background, soft skills, practical experience, and research abilities that empowers and prepares them to start successful careers or pursue further graduate studies. Accordingly, the school adopts rigorous study plans that integrate theory and practice in all offered programs with special focus on future-proof disciplines that many students aspire to learn such as 5G wireless networks, communications systems, internet of things (IoT), big data & cloud computing, artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, robotics, embedded systems, computer networks, game design/development, virtual/augmented reality, enterprise systems, software engineering, data science & analytics, and cyber security.

The school built strong partnership networks with the industry in Jordan, Germany, and elsewhere. This is to expand on the long experience of the German model of applied science and contribute to building a premier quality industry-oriented ICT education in Jordan. Accordingly, all students get the chance to train for about 20 weeks full-time in the German industry during the German Year. Moreover, based on a comprehensive cooperative educational Dual Study track, some of the CE and CS students have the chance to train full-time in the local industry during the first three summer semesters of their study program. Further, several industry centered courses are integrated in the undergraduate programs curricula to allow students to obtain professional certifications from leading worldwide companies such as CISCO, Red Hat, and Huawei. Such unique offerings raise employability of our graduates and provide the labor market with qualified employees who possess sound skills in practice and theory.

We are well-equipped, dedicated, and passionate to excel in all offerings, therefore, our vision is to become a leading school in the region by adopting a unique, high-quality, collaborative, research-centered, and industry-oriented educational model that brings together academic institutions, research centers, industrial companies, and local community for the fulfillment of national prosperity, entrenchment of applied education, advancement of practical research, promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as production of highly skilled graduates who are ready to compete in an ever-changing IT and EE industry.

Evidently, applied education, research, and partnerships are central to our school mission. We promote the German applied-education model in that regard, hence we collaborate with our German partners in the educational process, student exchange, staff mobility, as well as capacity building in order to provide well-rounded knowledge transfer and innovation in the fields of computer engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering. We diligently attend to market needs and we acknowledge the importance of knowledge and research advancement as the primary engine for economic prosperity.

The measures below, among others, are adopted by the school to accomplish the desired mission:

  • Integrating and applying knowledge in electrical engineering and IT, while ensuring educational excellence and providing a superior learning experience for students, through commitment to teaching, research, and innovation.
  • Fostering a community of scholars wholly devoted to quality education, advancement of science, and supporting the generations to come.
  • Maintaining the exchange of people and committing to intercultural communication between Germany and Jordan. 
  • Expanding the school's partnership networks with the academia, industry, and community in Jordan, Germany, and elsewhere.
  • Offering new programs, and enhancing current programs, to produce excellent students for a highly dynamic IT and EE job market.
  • Promoting project based courses, field training, and dual study tracks.
  • Offering small classes, smart classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities & labs, as well as extracurricular activities.
  • Facilitating the establishment of training academies in the school to offer professional certification for students and staff.
  • Securing several research grants to fund research efforts to tackle practical and societal challenges.
  • Obtaining accreditation certificates from the German Accreditation Council for programs administered outside Germany for the CE, CS, and EE undergraduate programs.