MoU between GJU and Social Security Corporation
MoU between GJU and Social Security Corporation

Graduate School of Business Administration (GSBA) is a model provides an opportunity to students coming from different disciplines to pursue their Master studies in different fields of business administration (MBA). The future of GSBA is built upon the success achieved by our faculty, students, staff, and other key stakeholders at the University.

GSBA’s powerful MBA programs lie in its positioning, international orientation, accreditation, the practical oriented approach “case method of instruction”, the teaching staff’s business experience and the employability rate of graduates. We only recruit those students who have the talent to benefit from the rigor curriculum of our programs and have the potential to become decision makers in their organizations. GSBA endeavors for its students to learn to work in groups, to make presentations, to engage in discussions, to solve real-life problems and to be able to express their knowledge in well-written form.

GSBA enjoys unique capabilities and skills as well as promising opportunities inside and outside Jordan. GSBA has a promising chance to be a world-class school of graduate business. GSBA enjoys a very strong competitive position in the graduate business education market in Jordan and the region. GSBA’s strategy and brand positioning is focus/differentiation to create business distinguished business entrepreneurs and leaders. GSBA has graduated more than 800 distinguished MBA holders who occupy excellent positions in leading businesses in national and international markets. GJU have received excellent feedback from the vast majority of organizations that have recruited and/or head-hunted MBA degree holders graduated from GJU. GJU MBA holders also enjoy excellent salary and compensation packages in Jordan and abroad.


GSBA at a Glance

  1. The German Jordanian University is a state-owned university aligned with international flavor of doing business; Germany.
  2. Complete your MBA learning course without leaving your work in our unique location: King Hussein Business Park, and customized courses offerings.
  3. All learning materials are nationally and internationally accredited and recognized.
  4. Critical thinking and understanding of key business theories and concepts.
  5. Courses on the MBA degrees, teach you how to implement concepts in real world business situations and practice. 
  6. Improve your leadership capabilities, skills and practices.
  7. Ability to critically analyse your own performance and other businesses.
  8. Wide network with a range of multicultural professionals through collaborative industry members and potential German-Universities partners across Germany.
  9. Applied approach and business networking through GJU prestigious university, industry links and business location.