To stress, wonder, dedicate, risk and believe.

Similar to many dreams, friendships, laughter, and challenges; On Campus has taken birth from the passionate minds of young GJUers. The idea originally aimed to establish an innovative space that allows students to share interests and reflections of their surroundings.

Since the Idea was inspired by the previous experience of leading GJUers, focus has been given to encouraging students to dedicate their efforts, practice their talents, adapt to team work, and create the difference they aspire.

As referred to among its staff, On Campus is a dynamically developing entity rather than an every-day classic newsletter. On Campus has been articulated to be an entirely student based project, created from scratch and developed by Gju's students from different majors.

With time, hard work, and flexible planning, the idea developed to an inspiring level of professional coordination between GJU's students and DSA. On behalf of On Campus staff we present you this vivid platform that is proud to host news articles, opinion articles, artistic work, interviews, talents, and a wider verity of  our creative contributions.

Written by Reqqa Sallm