The German Jordanian University aligns with its framework to excel in education and provide high-quality programs that mirror modern international standards. These programs cater to the specific needs of the German and European markets while empowering young individuals with specialized knowledge in distinct technological or social fields. Moreover, the university is pivotal in fostering strong ties between Jordan and Germany.

To achieve these objectives, the university has taken the initiative to host the the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS), a German university, and their unique programs on its campus in Amman. This strategic move aims to prepare Jordanian students for a Bachelor's degree in selected majors highly demanded in the German and international job markets. Simultaneously, it also attracts foreign students who aspire to enter the German market through the gateway provided by the German Jordanian University, thus benefiting students, the university, and the country.

The partnership started by hosting THWS after the Higher Education Council approved establishing two academic programs: B.A. Social Work Transnational and B. Eng. Hydrogen Technology Transnational—the region's only program of its kind.

The hosted programs offer a unique studying experience in either of the two Bachelor programs that starts at the German Jordanian University. In the fifth semester, the students will move to Germany to complete their studies at the THWS. As graduates of the hosted programs will hold a German degree, they must fulfill certain requirements regarding the qualification for admission to a German university. By law, Tawjihi and most other international school-leaving qualifications are not recognized as such qualification. The required German language skills are also usually lacking. For this reason, GJU has set up a pre-year’s course for each of the hosted programs that, if successfully passed, can be to some extend counted towards the duration of the degree. It also provides the language skills required for the first admission level at B1. Successfully completing this pre-year will allow students to register at THWS.

This approach offers students an exceptional educational experience that combines the best aspects of both universities. By obtaining a certificate from the German partner university, students can pursue their aspirations and even secure residency for work purposes. It also enables them to access education and knowledge within an Arab-European, technologically advanced, and culturally enriched environment, in line with the region's economic modernization plan. As a result, graduates emerge as competent individuals equipped with knowledge, experience, language skills, and diverse expertise, making significant contributions to developing their societies and shaping a promising future for themselves and their communities and secure a residency permit of 18 months to find a job after completing the program.