Sustainability is important in the development of human societies and the maintenance of a healthy environment. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) is an internationally accepted framework to guide sustainability efforts. Academic institutions play a key role in promoting sustainability. Most German universities incorporate sustainability in their strategic planning, strengthen sustainability in teaching and research, and develop strategies for a sustainable campus. The German Jordanian University is a leading, internationally recognized higher education institution that excels in generating and spreading knowledge. GJU is committed to a positive environmental impact through responsible sustainable operation, New generations of GJU graduates and staff, that are ambassadors of positive social and environmental change will have a lasting impression through strengthening the nation's sustainability through education and research.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in German Jordanian University


German Jordanian University is committed to achieving sustainable development goals within its academic and administrative operations and activities by building relationships with local, regional and global partners.


SDGs Reports 2021/2022

Objectives and Targets

Sustainability in Teaching

By incorporating sustainability into teaching, educators can empower students to become responsible and informed citizens who are capable of making positive contributions to environmental and social well-being. GJU aims to integrate principles of sustainability into educational practices and curricula to promote an understanding of environmental, social, and economic issues among students. It involves equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to address and solve complex sustainability challenges.

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Sustainability in Research

GJU recognizes research and research-led teaching as primary responsibilities of its academic staff and places value on fostering, publishing, and disseminating research of the highest quality internationally. We continue to develop solutions and knowledge, responding to the challenges of the day. Sustainability in research involves conducting studies and investigations that contribute to the understanding and advancement of sustainable practices, solutions, and policies. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines and fields to promote long-term well-being for both current and future generations. 

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Sustainability Operation

Performance measures and continuous improvement are the components necessary to translate sustainable corporate strategies into sustainable operations, using an integrated quality, environmental, and safety management system. Operational sustainability from the ecological standpoint refers to a company's ability to use natural resources at its current pace without depleting the resources it relies upon. Global ecoefficiency exists when delivering goods and services minimizes the effects on the environment. Ecological sustainability looks at a company's use of natural resources, recycling and waste reduction through the production and sales process. 

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Student Club

The Sustainability Club was created to promote learning and promoting work towards sustainability at GJU, by involving students in real-life exercises. Our main objective is to spread awareness towards Sustainability within the GJU community. Our Vision is to fill in sustainability in education and future careers at the German Jordanian university. Our Mission is to promote learning and working towards sustainability at the German Jordanian University along with conducting sustainability in all aspects and specialties to provide the knowledge and skills needed. 

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