Erasmus+ Staff Mobility 

Application left over spots 2022

We are happy to announce that we can offer some leftover spots for an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility at some of our partner institutions in Germany and Europe. The mobilities can be used for both Teaching and Training (i.e. job shadowing, participating in a workshop, staff week etc.). Please read through this website carefully. We are looking forward to your applications! 


Who can apply: 

  • Academic and Administrative Staff at GJU 
  • all nationalities are welcome 
  • Staff who are employed longer at GJU will be preferred, but everybody is welcome to apply 


  • level of B2 in English
  • German knowledge is an asset (for the German hosts) 

Before applying: 

  • please check the websites of the possible host institutions carefully and chose at least one suitable institution for you (which department/entity/faculty at the institution could host you?). The host institutions will be updated continually. 
  • please talk with your dean/director at GJU which institution would suit you and which might be useful for networking purposes 
  • please consult your dean/director for the suitable time of your mobility (for the majority of the hosts, the mobility period is only possible until end of July 2022)
  • please read our FAQ on GJU Staff Mobility and Erasmus+ Staff Mobility 

Please note: 

  • the mobilities will  have an approximate duration of 5 working days, so you will be absent for one working week from GJU (extensions to two weeks may be possible) 
  • the funding depends on the host institutions, the average is 360 EUR travel lump sum (higher for Iceland), plus 160-180 EUR per mobility day 
  • all mobilities have to be completed by the end of July 2022
  • please do not contact the host institution by yourself, all communication will be through the International Office at GJU 
  • the selection criteria will consider past participation in mobility programs to Germany (staff who have never participated in any mobility to Germany via GJU will be preferred), commitment to GJU and its internationalization, the letter of motivation and the level of language(s) 

How to apply?  

Please send the following documents via email and hard copy to Laura Schergaut (International Office GJU): 

  • Application form filled out and signed
  • updated CV in English or German 
  • Letter of Motivation (one page), stating: 
    • Why would you like to participant in the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Program? 
    • Why would you like to go to this specific institution in Germany/Europe? 
    • Which value will this program have for you personally and professionally?
    • How does GJU benefit from your participation?

The deadline for submitting the documents is April 15th, 2022. 


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If you feel uncertain to which institution to apply, please feel free to contact the IO here for consultation. First, please do the research on our own with all the information provided above and if further questions come up, please contact: 


Laura Schergaut 

Program Coordinator

Building F, Office F 019

Tel.: +962 6 4294896

German landline: +49 391 505 47432