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DAAD GERMAN YEAR SCHOLARSHIP: Call for Applications first semester/ winter term 2023/24 opens 17th of September 2023



Background of the Scholarships 

The German Jordanian University was founded as a bi-national university on behalf of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research Germany and the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research Jordan. The German government provides several funds to support and sustain the development of the GJU. A part of the money is dedicated to scholarships for GJU students. The donors of the scholarships are the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) jointly with the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg (GJU Project Office Magdeburg).

Please note: In case your German year starts in the second semester/summer term 2024, you can apply in approx. March 2024, not now. The batch now refers to the people who are starting their German year in September 2023. 

Please note that the English version is the only official version. The Arabic version serves as a guidance. The International Office works exclusively with the English version. 



Types of Scholarships for undergraduate students

DAAD German Year Scholarships

(Last updated: 17.09.2023)


We would like to draw your attention that the GJU Project Office Magdeburg, our strategic partner in Germany, has informed us earlier that the DAAD German Year Scholarship will be shortened to cover only the study semester of the German Year. This is due to the reduction of the budget allocated to GJU from the donor of the scholarship DAAD starting from the summer semester batch 2020. At the same time, this allows the International Office to award more students with a scholarship as we discussed this with the presidency and the Exchange Coordinators. 

Outgoings of the second semester 2024: Please upload your German Language Certificate (B1, B2 or above) on MYGJU until the 15th of March 2024!

Outgoings of the first semester 2023/24: Please upload your German Language Certificate (B1,B2 or above) on MYGJU until the 14th of October 2023!

Please note: In case you start your German year in the second term 2024, you can apply in approx. March 2024, not now. The batch now refers to the people who are starting their German year September 2024. 


Funding is provided for the study semester of the German Year: to be announced soon. 

It will be paid for six months. For the winter term from September until February, for the summer term March until August


Please note that starting from the summer term 2022, students will not get selected automatically, but will have to apply.

The Call for Applications first semester/winter term 2023/24 will open soon!

Login to MyGJU and use GY Scholarship Application> DAAD



The Application deadline is 14th of October 2023, 23:59 Jordan Time


Eligibility Criteria

General GPA of 76 or higher and an official and complete B1 Certificate with all parts passed (Goethe or OESD). 

Additional Selection Criteria

Students who obtained an official B2 (or above) certificate with all parts passed before leaving to Germany will receive a bonus of 20 points (out of 100).


An independent Scholarship Committee is selecting the scholarship holders at the beginning of the 1st and the 2nd semester. Depending on the data available, the selection process might continue even if the semester has already started.


One semester-long (the study semester of the German Year).

Extension Due to the nature of this scholarship, no extension is possible.
Eligibility In general, all regularly enrolled undergraduate students at GJU are eligible. For the German Year scholarships, only the students meeting all requirements for leaving to Germany are eligible. German Citizens are excluded and cannot receive funds. 

Scholarship holders of Jordanian national scholarships are eligible if their scholarships exclusively cover semester fees and no mobility to Germany. In case of questions regarding your scholarship, please contact scholarship.coordinator@gju.edu.jo

If you need feedback on your application or you are not satisfied with the result, kindly refer to the International Office Students' Complaint Policy section