About ELA:

ELA, the European Logistics Association, is a federation of more than 30 national organizations in the fields of logistics and supply chain management, those organizations are covering almost every country in Central and Western Europe.

ELA aims to provide an international forum for networking and collaboration with the ultimate goal of promoting and developing logistics and supply chain profession.

For more information, please visit (https://www.elalog.eu/)


Accreditation of GJU programs:

In the department of logistics sciences at the German Jordanians University, the bachelor degree in Logistics Sciences and the master degree in Logistics Management are both accredited by the European Logistics Association. Graduates of our bachelor program can apply for the Candidate European Logistician (cELog Level 4) certificate, while graduates of our master program can apply for the Candidate European Logistician (cELog Level 6) certificate.



The certificate is valid for a period of 5 years. A candidate can upgrade his/her certificate to a full ELog by proving within these 5 years, 3 years of relevant experience. Depending on the

National Certification Centre this can be done in a situational interview or by presenting a project

Required Forms:

Kindly find the required forms enclosed:

Bachelor's Degree Form.

Master's Degree Form.


For information and issuing certificates:

You may contact Ms. Raya Al-talib