Prof. Nizar Abu Jaber
PHONE: +962 6 4294444 Ext. 4313

Educational Background

North Carolina State University: Marine/ Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Geochemistry).
North Carolina State University: Marine/Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Geology).
University of Jordan, Amman: Geology and Mineralogy
Research Interests

My research interests include geochemistry of groundwater in Jordan. I am particularly involved in the use of hydrogeochemistry in the resolution of issues such as water origin, age and movement. I am also interested in the chemical nature and evolution of brines, particularly in the Dead Sea. I also study heritage (both natural and cultural) from a geological perspective. This includes geoarchaeology and Quaternary geology, particularly the use of geological and archaeological data for climate reconstruction in the region. In addition, I am interested in the study of archaeological materials (stone, pottery, mortar and glass) with the intent of determining provenance and production technology of these materials. 

  • Professor, 2008-now, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (previously Water and Environmental Engineering), German Jordanian University. Seconded from Yarmouk University until 2011.
  • Director, 2013-now, Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage, German Jordanian University. Interim director from 2011-2013. Center won the second place of the 2015 El Hassan Bin Talal Award for Scientific Excellence. It was also recognized at the GJU 5th annual Evening of Excellence Award (2015). Founder.
  • Director, January to October 2015, Consultation and Training Center, German Jordanian University.
  • Part-time lecturer, Yarmouk University, First and second semesters, 2013-2014 academic year.Teaching MSc. courses at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.
  • Dean of Scientific Research, 2009-2012; Dean of Graduate Studies, 2008-2009 and Acting Dean of Scientific Research, 2008-2009, at the German Jordanian University
  • Professor, 2003-2011; Associate professor, 1997-2003; Assistant professor, 1993-1997; Lecturer 1991-1993, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Yarmouk University.

Selected Publications

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