Quantity Surveying (QS) profession has played a major role in overcoming many construction challenges around the world.  This profession is recognized by a number of professional bodies around the world, but most notably it is governed and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) www.rics.org.  Due to the growth and changes in the construction industry in Jordan, the need for the Quantity Surveying profession has become essential and is swiftly being recognised by the Jordan Engineering Society, government and financial institutions.


German Jordanian University (GJU) together with Nabih Elias Azzam & Partners (NEA) a leading Quantity Surveying firm www.nea-me.com, (the first Arab company and the only regulated Arab firm by the RICS) have developed the only Professional Diploma in Quantity Surveying (PDQS) course in Jordan, delivering both theoretical and practical courses in Quantity Surveying.


PD-QS is aimed at professionals holding degrees in Engineering and Architecture. It is also suitable for anyone pursuing a career in Quantity Surveying and related disciplines and having a particular interest and specializing in all or some aspects of Quantity Surveying. PDQS is designed to provide the principals, tools and techniques for the commercial management of construction projects. It will prepare a candidate to be a pro-active quantity surveyor with a good grasp of the breadth of topics which are important in the industry.

This program does not lead to an academic degree, and its training hours do not count in case the trainee wishes to continue his/ her studies for such a degree.


"Please do not hesitate to contact Dr.-Ing. Farah Al-Atrash (Farah.alatrash@gju.edu.jo) if you require further information"

“Online Registration Form”:  http://nea-me.com/Admission/course.php



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School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE)
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