At SAHSS, an excellent opportunity is presented for students who wish to study languages (German, English, and Arabic), business communication, and social work from a Bachelor’s degree to doctoral studies. Research and education at the school are diverse and international through the multidisciplinary and applied approach employed through the teaching curriculums of students. These curriculums teach students the important link languages have with cultures and this link impacts their lives in a meaningful manner.

SAHSS offers high-quality education in German, English, and Arabic Languages, Translation Studies, Business Communication, and Social work. The school teaches its students to become language teachers, translators, business communicators, and social work professionals. Subsequently, some of the professional jobs SAHSS graduates end up in are in research, academic institutes, media, non-profit organizations and businesses in both public and private sectors.


  • To offer students the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of diverse cultures, societies, languages, and people.
  • To enable a hands-on learning experience that is fortified by access to internships that aim to enhance students’ language and communication skills needed to succeed in the professional world.


  • To continue graduating students with adaptable expertise in this rapidly changing field of linguistics and culture.