“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Representing an idea, we have always carried and believing that only us my fellow students who can start and initiate a change and because I have finally come to consideration that student service is a duty for each and every individual including myself, I took the decision with all faith in god to run for university elections, after what I have seen from urgent neediness for someone to communicate the students’ voices and all their concerns to the responsible authorities.

My fellow students, we’ll handle and continue together, hand by hand, what we started and work diligently for the benefit of all of us students. As you already know and entrust me, I am a guardian of students’ rights and all I want is to strive to serve your interests and needs at both academic and service levels. Accordingly, I count on you, students at my university, to choose whom you consider the most competent and worthy of your service, so that we stand together single-handedly for the best.

Best Regards,




Greetings my fellow students,

I have taken the decision to run for the female student election, as I am pretty sure that we desperately need someone to represent us, the students, and conveys our concerns and be a link between us and the university administration, especially during the current pandemic, and the resulting inquiries, problems and gaps...

I would like to make these points clear:

*The most important gaps that we have faced during the previous academic years:

  • Starting with: A change and issuance of fateful decisions (detailed and surprising) that determine the path of students impede their study plan, which is supposed to be organized according to the basis of previously established principles ( for example : the amount of hours that must be taken before registering graduation projects, canceling the accrediting of some courses.. etc. ).
  • Secondly : Students who are in need to graduate are refused to register some courses ( and if that results in delaying them from graduating for one semester or more ).
  • Thirdly: The courses registration program needs a lot of modifications (for example : the amount of courses that are available during the registration needs to be increased, as well as the course sections, the increase of them must vary with the amount of students who registered to a specific major).
  • Fourthly: There is an urgent need to create a student association (not to be limited to only a small amount of students and also not to be limited to certain specializations) that is to be concerned with the academic aspect (such as: notes, review sessions, abstracts and etc.)
  • Lastly: The necessity of creating a student council that is consisted of representatives from all disciplines and that student representation is not linked to male and female students only.

Leaving this note here:

Not all of the university's problems and concerns were mentioned, but I will leave room for your opinions and suggestions.

Best Regards,

Your colleague, Malak Joudeh.

An Biomedical Engineering, Third year student