German year is the year most GJU students look forward to start during their years at the university. It enables students to widen their horizons and grow as individuals. However, many students can get somehow worried and stressed out; as they are not sure about the challenges that might face them there. Therefore, we asked the students abroad about their life there in order to provide the students here with a full insight. Dana Hakouz (Logistics Sciences) and Nancy Qabartay (International Accounting) are now in Wilhelmshaven. What they like the most about the city is that its a small one located along the sea, and it isn't really crowded. What is making their stay easier is that the international office and the professors in their university there are always ready to help as much as they can. They say they are understanding and kind. Most of their activities are close to the sea, since many restaurants and shops are located there when they are at this city but they also tend to visit different cities in Germany on the weekends since they have a student semester card that allows them to travel between cities in North Germany. On the other hand, they don't like that the city's residents are mostly old people who are retired. They are not accepting to foreigners specially girls with Hijab. However, the biggest problem they faced is that some people were extremely rude and violent to them. They got attacked (physically and verbally assaulted) by natives. An another incident is that Dana was speaking Arabic on the phone and the bus driver immediately stopped and requested her to leave in the middle of nowhere. All in all, their journey has its ups and downs, but the girls aren't allowing unfortunate incidents to affect their mood or make them lose their motivation. Ahmad Shabaneh (Communication Engineering) is also enjoying his stay in Germany. What he likes best is the transportation system, he believes it's very easy to use and sufficient. Whereas, he doesn't like the waste recycling system as it is too complicated to understand specially by foreigners who have no previous experience in recycling. Ahmad considers the academic semester to be better than the internship semester because during the academic semester you have your friends with you while you are all alone during the internship semester so you deeply understand how it feels to be away from home.