The International Business Agility Institute (TIBAI)



The International Business Agility Institute (TIBAI) has developed the first business agility model in the world that comprehensively tackles agility across all business perspectives, namely:

  1. Agile leadership;
  2. Agile finance;
  3. Agile operations;
  4. Agile technology;
  5. Agile supply chain;
  6. Agile service.


Professional training programs

TIBAI provides business agility model, drift analysis, strategic and operational frameworks and assessment solutions.

TIBAI provides two levels of certified professional training Programs:

TIBAI’s Business Agility Model and all its products have a registered Intellectual Property (IP) – copyright certificate.


Training Programs’ Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learning business agility concept.
  2. Exploring business agility pillars :
  1. Understanding Probable Future.
  2. Dynamic Capabilities
  3. Agile Culture

     3. Grasping how strategic business agility framework works across the 3 pillars.

     4. Grasping how operational business agility framework works

     5. Exploring best practices that enhance 6 business agility perspectives:

A. Agile Leadership

B. Agile Technological Infrastructure

C. Agile Finance

D. Agile Processes

E. Agile Supply Chain

F. Agile Service

     6. Understanding business agility assessment tool and scoring methodology

     7. Learn how to make your organization sustain, lead, and disrupt in COVID-19 global disruption (Global case                   study)


Read more about the programs’ eligibility and future benefits:


Benefits for Organizations:

A- Organizations can achieve and improve:

  • Human and non- human resources’ diversity,
  • Financial and communication fluidity,
  • Local and global connectivity,
  • Innovation and market size leverage,
  • Human and non-human resources’ mobility,
  • Organizational and teams’ integration,
  • Performance stability,
  • Quality consistency,
  • Organizational readiness.

B- Internally & externally assess organizations business agility level across all business agility components (Pillars,        Frameworks, & all 6 perspectives).


Benefits for Successful Participants:

A. Annually, TIBAI will select the top 3 scoring participants to be officially recognized, their names posted on TIBAI      website, and globally recommended to organizations for conducting initial online assessment

B. Be listed, scanned and nominated for conducting internal/lead business agility assessor professional training            course with TIBAI.                

If you have any enquiry or you would like to register now, please contact us on: