Associate Professor
+962 6 4294444 Ext. 4241

Educational Background

2010: Physics, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, USA.
2005: Applied Physics, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Irbid, Jordan.
2002: Applied Physics, Jordan University of Science & Technology. Irbid, Jordan.
Research Interests

My research interests mainly focusing on topics related to renewable energy, environment, material science, and education.

Selected Publications

2020 Ramirez-Vazquez, R., Arabasi, S., Al-Taani, H., Sbeih, S., Gonzalez-Rubio, J., Escobar, I., Arribas, E.,"Georeferencing of personal exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from Wi-fi in a university area",International journal of environmental research and public health,17(6), 1898,2020
2018 Al-Taani, Hussein, and Sameer Arabasi,"Solar Irradiance Measurements Using Smart Devices: A Cost-Effective Technique for Estimation of Solar Irradiance for Sustainable Energy Systems",Sustainability 10,no. 2: 508,2018
2018 H. Al-Taani, K. Tarawneh, Y. Al-Khatatbeh, B. Hamad,"The high-pressure stability of Ni2In-type structure of ZrO2 with respect to OII and Fe2P-type phases: A first-principles study",IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 305, 012016, For the The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM-2017), 10 – 13 July 2017, Irbid Jordan,2018
2017 Inshad Jum'h, Ahmad Telfah, Jörg , Lambert, Mikheil gogiashvili, Huessein Altaani, Roland Hergenröder,"13C- and 1H-NMR measurements to investigate the kinetics and the mechanism of acetic acid (CH3CO2H) ionization as a model for organic acids dissociation dynamics for polymeric membrane water filtration",Journal of Molecular Liquids,227, 106–113 ,2017
2017 I. JUM’H, M.S. ABD EL-SADEK, H. AL-TAANI, I.S. YAHIA, G. KARCZEWSKI ,"Influence of Illumination on the Electrical Properties of p-(ZnMgTe/ZnTe:N)/CdTe/n-(CdTe:I)/GaAs Heterojunction Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)",Journal of Electronic Materials,Vol. 46, No. 2,2017
2017 Inshad Jum’h, Arwa Abdelhay, Hussein Al-Taani, Ahmad Telfah, Mohammad Alnaief, Stefan Rosiwal,"Fabrication and application of boron doped diamond BDD electrode in olive mill wastewater treatment in Jordan",Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination,Vol. 7,No. 4, 502-510,2017
2017 I. JUM’H, M. AL-ADDOUS, H. AL-TAANI, M.S. ABD El-SADEK, N. AYOUB,"Effect of Boron Concentration on Nano-crystalline Diamond Deposited on Niobium Substrates",Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures,Vol. 12, No. 2, p. 589 - 593,2017
2017 H. Al-Taani, I. Jum’h, M.S. Abd El-sadek, V. V. Dremova,"Super Sharp-Metal Tips for Combined Scanning Tunneling and Force Microscopy Based on Piezoelectric Quartz Tuning Fork Force Sensors",Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures,Vol. 12, No. 1, p. 47 - 51,2017
2017 Al-Taani, Hussein, Mohammad Al-Addous, Zakariya Dalalah, Aiman Albatayneh, and Nabil Ayoub,"A Simplified Model for the Estimation of Solar Cell Efficiency Based on the Air Mass Effect",Proceeding of IEREK’s International Conference Alternative and Renewable Energy Quest (AREQ),27 - 29 November,Thessaloniki, Greece,2017
2017 Al-Addous, Mohammad, Zakariya Dalala, Christina B. Class, Firas Alawneh, and Hussein Al-Taani,"Performance analysis of off-grid PV systems in the Jordan Valley",Renewable Energy ,113: 930-941,2017
2017 Mohammad Al-Addous, Hussein Al-Taani, Zakariya Dalalah, Firas Alawneh, Aiman Albatayneh,"Wind Resources Assessment for a Proposed Wind Farm",Proceeding of IEREK’s International Conference Alternative and Renewable Energy Quest (AREQ),27 - 29 November ,Thessaloniki, Greece,2017
2017 Mohammad Al-Addous, Firas Alawneh, Zakariya Dalalah, Christina B Class, Hussein Al-Taani,"Design and Implementation of Water Desalination System (RO) Using Renewable Energy Source",Proceeding of IEREK’s International Conference Alternative and Renewable Energy Quest (AREQ),27 - 29 November ,Thessaloniki, Greece,2017
2017 Arabasi, Sameer, and Hussein Al-Taani,"Measuring the Earth’s magnetic field dip angle using a smartphone-aided setup: a simple experiment for introductory physics laboratories",European Journal of Physics ,38, no. 2:025201,2017
2014 Al-Taani, H, Saleh, N, Al-Saleh, K,"Measurement of Photon-Induced L X-Ray Fluorescence Cross Sections for Ho and Yb in the 16.04 - 24.68 keV Energy Range",Journal of Modern Physics,5, 1412-1417,2014 [View]
2008 Alsaad, A., A. Ahmad, H. Alta’ani, and R. Alshyab,"A first-principles-derived method for computing the piezoelectric coefficients of complex semiconductor Sc1− xGaxN alloys",Physica B: Condensed Matter 403,no. 23-24: 4174-4181,2008
2007 DeAntonio, Michael, Luis Martin Sandoval, James Dewald, Hussein Faleh Al-Ta'Ani, and Jamal Talla,"Work in progress-The use of team-based learning in an experimental physics lab",In Frontiers In Education Conference-Global Engineering: Knowledge Without Borders, Opportunities Without Passports,FIE'07. 37th Annual, pp. S1A-13. IEEE,2007