About the Department

About the Department

The Presidency and Councils’ Affairs Department is one of the main departments in the university, it was established with the inception of this educational academia. The department is responsible for the entire President’s Office Affairs, Vice Presidents' Offices Affairs, and the three councils of the university (the Board of Trustees, the Deans’ Council and the University Council).


Being the main administrative unit, the department’s missions are listed in the following missions:

  • To initiate/build a distinguished directory.
  • To take part in making and reaching decisions.
  • To perform/conduct the university’s administrative affairs.
  • To focus on building/establishing an accurate database (archiving system).
  • To enforce the spirit of teamwork within the university’s administrative staff. 
  • To maintain constant learning and training.
  • To establish the values of transparency and honesty within the department and  other administrative units in the     university.
  • To develop an office to serve the local community in the area.



The department seeks constant creation and invention of new initiatives and methods to support the administrative effort that aims at improving and elevating the administrative efficiency. It strives to meet this level of excellence by adapting international standards, and putting knowledge into experience. The department also looks for adopting excellence and comprehensive measures to develop the administrative departments in the university. The unique vision of the Presidency Department entails the GJU to be one of the leading universities in the region.