Announcement Title Date
Registration Call Open: Professional Certificate in Social Work: Refugees and Migrants 1st Semester 2021-2022 26-July-2021
Change of Major Announcement 26-July-2021
Certified Social Security Officer Course 08-July-2021
2021 Scholarships for B.A. Translation Students – Call for Applications 07-July-2021
YearBook Photo Submission Guide 01-July-2021
Full Scholarship Opportunity: Master in Road Safety Management at Saint Joseph University- Renault Foundation 07-June-2021
Payment Policies and Procedures for the second semester 2020/2021 27-January-2021
First List of Accepted Students for the Second Semester 2020/2021 27-January-2021
Second List of Accepted Students for the Second Semester 2020/2021 27-January-2021
My Virtual Library (MyVLib) is ready 21-January-2021
The GJU master theses accessible online 21-January-2021
Follow us on our Facebook page (GJU Library) 21-January-2021
Change of Major Announcement- Accepted Students 10-January-2021
Bus Routes and Schedule 2020/2021 14-October-2020
Fifth Accepted Students' List (27/9/2020) 27-September-2020
Placement tests announcement for new students - academic year 2020-2021 17-September-2020
Fourth Accepted Students' List (13/9/2020) 15-September-2020
Third Accepted Students' List (25/8/2020) 27-August-2020
Second Accepted Students' List (24/8/2020) 25-August-2020
First List of Accepted Students 2020/2021 17-August-2020
Book scanning service is available 05-August-2020
Student Fee Payment via E-Fawateercom Instructions 28-July-2020
Competency Test 2020 04-May-2020
Important Announcement 14-March-2020
Strategic Plan Document 2020-2025 18-December-2019
Microsoft Cloud Platform for Academic Research 09-October-2018
Tutorial on Accessing HR & Payroll Data from MyGJU 29-March-2017
Reviewing the HR & Payroll data in the MyGJU portal 29-March-2017
MyGJU Tutorial: Student Evaluation 21-November-2016