About the Department
The Team 2019
The Team 2019

About the Department

The main tasks and duties of the Human Resources Department is to provide qualified  administrative staff, technicians and professionals in specializations, skills and vocational services that meet the needs and  demands of the various faculties, departments, units and sections, of the University.


The department other duties include:

  • Overseeing the implementation of all decisions pertaining to the appointment of faculty members.
  • Responsible for issues like promotion, salary increases, allowances, transfer of staff from one department/unit to the other, renewing contracts, preparing annual appraisal reports and resignations.
  • The department also oversees the continuous development of its staff and the update of their knowledge, skills, know-how and performance by means of organizing training courses and workshops in accordance with their needs.

The department consists of the following sections:

  • Faculty Members Section.
  •  Administrative Staff Affairs Section.
  • Scholarships Section.
  • Health Insurance Section.
  • Administrative Development and Skills Building Section