Associate Professor
+962 6 4294444 Ext. 4233

Educational Background

Physics, VIRGINIA TECH, Blacksburg, VA USA , 2008.
Applied Physics, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, Charlotte, NC USA, 2002
Electrical Engineering,UNIVERSITY OF JORDAN, Amman, Jordan , 1999
Research Interests

Optics, Optical fibers, Spectroscopy, Image processing, and Physics education.

Selected Publications

2018 Al-Taani, Hussein, and Sameer Arabasi,"Solar Irradiance Measurements Using Smart Devices: A Cost-Effective Technique for Estimation of Solar Irradiance for Sustainable Energy Systems",Sustainability 10,no. 2: 508,2018
2017 Arabasi, Sameer, and Hussein Al-Taani,"Measuring the Earth’s magnetic field dip angle using a smartphone-aided setup: a simple experiment for introductory physics laboratories",European Journal of Physics ,38, no. 2:025201,2017
2005 S. K. Arabasi, M. R. Al-Bandakji, A. Safaai-Jazi, R. H. Stolen, G. Indebetouw, N. Goel,"Tapered Photonic Crystal Fibers",Optics in the Southeast,2005
2004 S. K. Arabasi, A. Safaai-Jazi, R. H. Stolen, G. Indebetouw, M. R. Al-Bandakji, N. Goel,"Coupling to small core fibers using a tapered splice",Optics in the Southeast,2004
2003 M. Yasin Akhtar Raja, Sameer K. Arabasi,"Design and simulations of a dynamic polarization-mode dispersion compensator for long-haul optical networks",Optics Express,Vol. 11, No. 10, 1166-1174,2003
2001 Y.A. Raja, S. Arabasi,"Design and simulation of first-order polarization-mode dispersion compensator",Optics in the Southeast,2001