Educational Background

Informatics, Saarland university-Germany
Bioinformatics, Saarland University-Germany
Computer engineering, Albalqa university-Jordan
Research Interests

Expression and methylation analysis in cancer

aCGH analysis in cancer

Transporter classification

Outlier detection in expression or methylation datasets

Selected Publications

2016 Barghash, A., Arslan, T., and Helms, V.,"Journal of Proteomics and Bioinformatics. Robust detection of outlier samples and genes in expression datasets.",2016
2015 Kessler SM, Laggai S, Barghash A, Schultheiss C, Lederer E, Artl M, Helms V, Haybaeck J, Kiemer A,"MP2/p62 induces genomic instability and an aggressive hepatocellular carcinoma phenotype.",Cell Death and Disease,2015
2015 Kessler, SM, Laggai S, Kiemer A, Barghash A, & Helms V,"Hepatic hepcidin expression is decreased in cirrhosis and HCC", Journal of hepatology, 4, 977-979,2015
2015 Barghash A, Helms V, & Kessler SM ,"Overexpression of IGF2 mRNA-Binding Protein 2 (IMP2/p62) as a feature of basal-like breast cancer correlates with short survival",Scandinavian journal of immunology, 82, 142–143,2015
2014 Kessler, SM*, Laggai S, Barghash A*, Helms V, & Kiemer A,"Lipid Metabolism Signatures in NASH-Associated HCC—Letter", Cancer research, 74, 2903-2904,2014
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2013 Barghash A, & Helms V,"Transferring functional annotations of membrane transporters on the basis of sequence similarity and sequence motifs.",BMC bioinformatics,2013