Amman- 18 December 2018

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) organized a lecture entitled “Safe Drive Save Life” to raise awareness on traffic accidents in cooperation with Rod Marshals Team, in the presence of DSA Dean Dr. Raed Khasawneh, Assistant of the Dean Dr. Mohammad Qaaqa and a number of students.

The lecture aims to raise the student’s awareness about the importance of committed to the traffic rules in order to protect the lives and properties, which are harvested by hundreds due to traffic accidents on the roads.

The Founder of Road Marshals Raed Qutaishat spoke that the human being is primarily responsible for traffic accidents as a result of the wrongful practices, such as excessive speed, using mobile phones, crossing the red signal and changing the lane suddenly without giving priority etc.

He also mentioned a number of ethics to be followed during driving, such as using light signals to change the runway, not to throw waste from the windows of the car and to give priority to ambulances. Emphasizing that driving is art, tact and ethics.

 Adding that 26% of traffic accidents were caused by the use of mobile phones while driving, pointing out that the world loses more than (1000) people a day by using phones while driving.

Jordanian Speed Racing Champion Mohammed Sawalha said that driving recklessly and excessively was endangering the lives of all road users. Adding that "It is possible to rent a track for those who want to drive speedily instead of causing serious traffic accidents on the roads".

At the end of the lecture, Khasawneh praised the role of this initiative in the field of traffic awareness and focusing on youth towards serving their community and developing their individual skills.