The Deanship of Graduate Studies (DGS) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) cleared that 31 master’s theses were successfully discussed remotely, during the quarantine despite all the hardships accompanied this period.

The Dean of DGS, Dr. Munjed Alsharif, said that all procedures related to the process were completed without any delay by communicating through email and other platforms.

He added that the Postgraduate Studies Council held six meetings remotely during the period from 20/3/2020 to 18 /6/2020 to facilitate the discussions process at the highest level and accuracy in cooperation with the concerned Schools, Departments, and the students.

It is worth to mention that fourteen theses were defended at the School of Architecture and Built Environment in Spatial Planning Program, and Architectural Conservation Program, seven theses from the School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management in Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy Program, and four theses from the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Computer Engineering Program.

In addition to two theses from the School of Management and Logistic Sciences in Logistics Management Program, two theses from the School of Applied Humanities and Languages ​​in German as a Foreign Language Program, and finally two theses from the Graduate School of Business Administration in Business Administrative /Management Program.