Amman- April 17, 2017 

On 17th of April 2017, The industrial Engineering Department hosted Aramex to present a Motivational speech for GJU’s students to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the work environment within the university’s plans to develop its relations with the industry sector.

Operation Manager, Engineer Ahmad AlTamimi explained the importance of starting any career from scratch, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the process, core of the business and company’s culture.

He also, spoke about his personal journey in Aramex highlighting the difficulties and challenges that he went through, directions and tips on how to overcome these challenges.

Eng. AlTamimi presented some projects were implemented inside Jordan by Jordanian employees and suppliers, where they could build systems and machines to enhance the work flow, time, money and effort which as a result reflected on better customer experience.

 At the end of the gathering the students engaged with the guest in a discussion clarifying with him several matters.