Amman- 29 December, 2015

Starting a kids' book club can seem like an overwhelming undertaking! But not for some of GJU students who started a book club that intends to keep children from orphanages and isolated areas excited about reading.

"BOOK BUSTERS" established  through the Deanship of Student Affairs  under the name of the community initiative "Ripples of happiness". 

"BOOK BUSTERS CLUB" aims to encourage children to read by presenting what they have read through acting. It would be a good way to share books, experiences and feelings together; provide an enjoyable and easy way for kids to develop many literacy skills, and important language skills, fluency or the ability to read something with expression, be exposed to new ideas and concepts, and practice analyzing the books they read, all that come through acting out a scene of the play.

Their meetings can come to life with discussion, arts, and activities. This idea will turn reading into a social activity, and that encourages children to keep reading.

The club launches new contests on a regular basis to keep the reading momentum going all school year long, and to develop their competitive spirit.

Kids can enjoy the community-building experience by meeting with friends to choose, read, and discuss books together in one club.