Amman-October 20, 2016


The Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with King Hussien Cancer Center (Jordan Breast Cancer Program (JBCP)and Arab Orient Insurance organized an awareness day about Breast Cancer and the importance of early detection on Wednesday October 19, 2016.

The Staff Nurse Latifa Zuhdi , Jordan Breast Cancer Program representative gave a detailed presentation to the students about facts about Breast Cancer, and causes and methods of prevention of breast cancer and how getting mammogram (an X-ray picture of the breast)  regularly can lower the risk of dying from breast cancer. She further added that substantial support for breast cancer awareness and research funding has helped improve the screening and diagnosis and advances in the treatment of breast cancer.

The awareness day included distributing brochures and flyers about the Breast cancer in addition to a comedy show performed by the GJU drama club about the importance of early and regular detection.