Amman-27 September 2017

Bushra Ishaqat  and Samar Abu Hajleh  from The School of Architecture and Build Environment (SABE), won the first and second places in the Fourth Jordanian Interior Design Competition, that was dedicated for Jordanian universities and was organized by the Jordanian Interior Design Association (JIDA) and "IKEA Jordan”.

The idea of the competition was to reproduce a 60 years old heritage house in Alluaibdeh mountain and transfer it to a restaurant and coffee shop. Nineteen students participated in the competition from six public and private universities, three of them from GJU.

According to JIDA’s Head Suzan Abu Jaber, all student’s designs were received by Late June and went through an evaluation process by a specialized Judgement comity who followed some Pre-defined criteria.

The awards winners Bushra Ishaqat (first prize) and Samar Abu Hajleh (Second prize), expressed their happiness for this achievement, adding that the competition gives the opportunity to Jordanian students to transform what they learned ar universities into a reality.  

From her side, the Head of Design and Visual Communication Department Dr. Fedaa Salah, said that winning the competition was due to the continuous work and effort of students which represented the university’s mission to pursuit excellence, innovation and leadership through the university’s academic plans that rely on a combination of theoretical and practical education to keep up with the labor market requirements.