On the occasion of the National Day of the Arabic Language which is celebrated all over the world on December 18th of each year, the GJU Consultation and Training Center (CTC) received an official invitation from Philadelphia University to celebrate this special day with the Arabic Language and culture program (ALC)  instructors and students. 


The instructors were welcomed by prof. Mutaz Al Sheikh Salem, President of the university, prof. Ghassan AbdulKhaleg, Dean of the Faculty of Arts. and Dr.Yousef Rababa. 


Dr.Thelal Oweis gave a brief summary on the ALC program and emphasized the importance of learning the Arabic Language as a foreign language nowadays.


After the ceremony, which included speeches, plays, and a musical performance,  the students and their instructors were invited to have an orientation tour in campus.The tour included a visit to the painting workshop where the students received paintings drawn by prof. Faisal Al Omari as a souvenir of the visit.