Amman- 14 February 2021



















During winter term 20/21, the University of Applied Sciences, Dresden and the German Jordanian University, Amman worked together on "Chances and Opportunities of Entrepreneurship Education in Digital Environments”. The project was aimed to start a discussion about the possibilities of improving entrepreneurship education in higher education institutions and to test different new digital learn and teaching methods.

The whole experience took place for ten Jordanian and ten German students, who founded a company in a simulation. They worked together in international and intercultural teams and learned about the whole processes involved in setting up a company: from finding ideas, to designing the business model, to raising capital from investors.

Professors from both the German and the Jordanian universities provided e-learning materials and were on hand to provide active support. In addition, invited professionals from the business world gave practical insights and shared their experiences of setting up a company. The course was digital. Therefore, beside of the professional competencies the students faced the challenge due the distance between Jordan and Germany.

The results of the four established start-ups varied highly. While some teams focused on cost leadership, others designed high tech products to be the quality leader. Like in the real world, there are different approaches to become successful, but there can be only one market leader. Congratulation to the founding team of the company “Make your Wave” for the best financial results during the simulation.

Moreover, a big thank you to all participants who took the opportunity to broaden their horizons in such an intercultural project. Overall, it was an excellent experience for all participants!

Prof. Dr. R. Baierl and Prof. Dr. R. Thamm (both University of Applied Sciences, Dresden) together with Prof. Dr. Malek Alsharairi and Dr. Omar Shbailat (both School of Management and Logistic Sciences, German Jordanian University, Amman) have initiated this project.

Many thanks to DAAD who financial supported the project within the program German-Arab Transformation Partnership. A big thank you also to the invited experts Sascha Krause-Tuenker (next2sun), Bara Shamrookh (UXLABS), Prof. Dr. Anjan Gosh (Narxoz University – Kazakhstan) for their valuable contributions.


Read the original press release in Germany, here.